Yogurt Fruit Dip


4 oz. neufchatel cheese or low-fat cream cheese, softened

2 Tb. honey, if the yogurt does not have honey in it


1 cup vanilla or honey vanilla low-fat yogurt, or any flavor yogurt

1-2 drops lemon, wild orange, lime or grapefruit essential oil


Fruit of your choice, whole or cut into pieces


Mix the softened cream cheese or neufchatel cheese with the honey.  Combine the vanilla yogurt with the essential oil of your choice.  Add the neufchatel mixture to the vanilla yogurt mixture, and stir thoroughly.  Refrigerate the fruit dip mixture for a few hours up to one day. *You can use any flavor of yogurt, including plain or greek yogurt.

I personally prefer lemon flavored yogurt with berries, and orange flavored yogurt dip with tropical fruits such as mangos, pineapple, mandarin oranges, etc. Try lime or grapefruit oil also.

Serve the fruit dip on a platter, or in individual containe
rs, with the fruit dip.