Why Essential Oils? Why Now?


Why Essential Oils?


-Our company has amazing, life-changing products.
-Our company has an incredible reputation!  Among its’ members, and in the industry.
-Our company has the only Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils available (free of pesticides, residues, chemicals, filler oils, scent enhancers, etc.).  They are the only company with pure oils that are safe enough to take internally.  They ARE the BEST essential oils that money can buy!
-Our essential oils and products, are changing the health and lives of many people who are not finding answers.  They are natural solutions, healthy choices, and are part of a holistic lifestyle!
-Essential oils are so versatile and can save you time, money and energy.
-They can save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly budget (natural solutions for health; cooking; cleaning; aromatherapy; health/beauty; etc.)
-They can save you the sometimes wasted time and energy.
-Our company is changing the lives of the people that are making it a part-time or full-time job.
-Many people have professions in the Health and Wellness Industry already. They could easily incorporate essential oils into their current businesses to earn extra income and possibly retire early.
-Many people building businesses in our company are coming home from their jobs to work either part-time or full-time.
-Many people building businesses in our company are bringing their spouses home from their jobs.
-Our company participates in co-impact sourcing.  They pay their growers top money for the oils, and provide communities that provide all that the growers and their families need.  They are improving peoples’ lives and their economies globally. They are helping the World’s Economy.


Why Now?


Are you concerned about the future of Health?
Do you have enough money now to pay for proper health for yourself and family?
Are you concerned about the future of the United States and National Security?
Are you concerned about the future of Social Security? How “SECURE” is it?
Are you concerned about your sources of future income/job stability?
Do you have enough money now for your current budget/expenses? Or could you use more?
Is your current job, career, or source of income stable and secure? What if that income was suddenly gone due to the economy, disability, etc.?
Do you have enough money now and time now to do your favorite leisure or recreational activities (golfing, atv riding, biking, show or concert tickets, etc.) ?
Are you able to dine out as often as you would like?
Do you have enough money now to vacation? Or are you waiting for that day?
Will you have enough money to afford a comfortable home?
Will you have enough money to retire?
Do you/will you have enough money to help with your children’s education if needed?
Do you have enough money now to pay for the expected (weddings) and the unexpected?
82% of our companys' Wellness Advocates have never enrolled anyone else.
5-10% of Wellness Advocates are building a business with our company.  It is an incredible opportunity!

-Our company has the highest retention rate of any company.
They are one of the top ten companies in the U.S.
They are a Billion Dollar Company in just six years.
They are a debt-free company.  They own their property, buildings, inventory.


There is no time like the present! 

I just “present”ed your future!