New Members and Placing Your LRP Orders

Thank you for joining my/our team! I am/we are honored to be part of your Essential Oil Journey! 

Here are some other things for you to know now that you are an official member.  Here are some tips for your future orders.  


Buying just one item, or a minimum order per month, keeps your account current. 

You will not progress on this month, but you will not digress.

Buying a minimum order prevents you from losing points already earned, or accumulated. 

Buying a minimum order keeps your current earning percentage without it digressing…….  

*You wouldn't want to get to 30% earnings back, and not place an order for one month, then have to go back to 10% earnings. There are a few inexpensive items that around $5.  You would pay the shipping in advance, to ship it to you, but would get it back in shipping rewards points the following month, regardless of the amount spent.  


Orders that are 49 points or less: do not earn Loyalty Rewards Program points on that order.  

(So it would be better to place one 95 point order, vs. two separate orders for example of 47 points and then 48 points.)



Orders that are 50 points or more: will earn Loyalty Rewards Program Points on those orders.   

*Also as a suggestion, you could post it on Facebook or send out an email at the beginning of the month, that you are placing an order say on July 15 for example.  And you could ask if anyone needs anything to let you know.  If your friends want to try oils before they buy large amounts of oils, this is a way to get them started.  Plus they help you make a larger order, which means you will earn more points.  Then you get to spend the free points from the larger orders.  I did this when I first started, and got a really good response.  


Orders of 100 points make you eligible for commisions.

If you are wanting to earn commissions, you will need to make sure your LRP Order is always set at 100, never have your hypothetical order or cart drop below 100 points.  And if you earn commissions, you will need to have an order go through for at least 100 points.  Lets say that you put a hypothetical order in your cart.  And then all month long, you do not have any commissions earned, you could just do a small order that month.  I only have to spend 100 points per month to earn my check each month. I earn several times more than what I spend.  It is a very good deal.  So always keep 100 points in your cart.  Then decide if you really need to spend that much that month.  Let's say that you had three new people place an order for July.  And that the commission was going to be about $60.  It would be worth it to spend 100 points, because now you just paid only $40 for $100 worth of oils. It helps you to pay for your oil habit.  ha ha.  But it could keep possibly increasing.  My first month, I earned $20. I was so excited that 1/5 of my oil habit was paid for.   

*I would plan on spending or allowing about $5-10 per month at least on samples to give out to close friends and family members if you are wanting to or planning on build a business. I used my extra oils that I accumulated for making samples to give out to everyone.  


If you purchase 125 points or more, by midnight on the 15th of the month, you will qualify for the free product of the month (a $10-20 value).  This is a great way to accumulate more oils for yourself, and to share.