How to use your Essential Oils
                               to save time, money, and energy!  


I estimate that I save $200-500 per month by not purchasing unneccesary store bought products.  I do this by substituting the harmful and possibly toxic store bought products that I once bought (toilet bowl cleaner, bath soap, etc.), for safe products that I now use and make at home with my essential oils and simple household items (baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.).  You can trust in the power of essential oils!


I have replaced my entire Health and Wellness Cabinet with Essential Oils!

-I use my essential oils/Natural Solutions. 

-I use my essential oils to keep my family healthy. And I save time and energy, because time and energy are money!!!!

I have replaced my Herb and Spice Cabinet (dried herbs) with Essential Oils (liquid herbs/spices)!

-Essential oils are 50-70% stronger than dried herbs and spices! One drop or less is usually needed.

-Citrus oils in my glass water bottle, and smoothies instead of fruit juices (saves sugar and calories).

-Citrus oils in my greek yogurt and yogurt parfaits.

-Lime and cilantro in my favorite Mexican dishes, ex. homemade salsa and mexican lime rice.

-Basic and oregano in my favorite Italian dishes, ex. Spaghetti sauce, pesto, etc.

-Lemongrass, basil, ginger, cilantro, and lime in my favorite Chinese and Thai recipes, ex. Curry, stir fry.

-Herb oils in my favorite recipes; basil, cilantro, coriander, marjoram, oregano, thyme, etc..

-Spice oils in my favorite recipes: cinnamon, cassia, clove, etc.

Ask me about how I use Essential Oils in my cooking to reduce sodium, sugar, fat, artificial dyes, artificial flavorings.  This will save calories, and toxins in the body.  Plus provide health benefits.


I have replaced my Cleaning Cabinet with homemade cleaning products made with Essential Oils and Love!

-Cleansing/Deodorizing Spray for the air and surfaces. (protective blend, wild orange, lemon, purifying blend, etc.)

-Toilet bowl cleaner, bath, sink and shower cleaner, etc. (melaleuca, thyme, purify, lemon, wild orange)

-Dishwasher Tabs and Dishwashing liquid (lemon and protective blend).

-Laundry Soap (lemon, protective blend, purifying blend, melaleuca, etc.)

-Window and Mirror Cleaner, Furniture Polish, Floor Polish, etc.


I make my own Health and Beauty Products with Essential Oils.

-Bath salts and bath bombs for relaxation and in-home spa.

-Body Butter and body lotion.

-Lip Balm.

-Body Wash.

-Foaming Hand Wash.

-Exfoliating Scubs and Masks.

-Facial Moisturizer.

-Hair Shine Serum and Deep Conditioning Hair Masks.

-Beach Waves Spray/gel.


I use essential oils for Aromatherapy and managing moods and mental and emotional wellness.

-I have replaced harmful candles and wall plug-ins with essential oil filled spray bottles and diffusers.

-Spray bottles in every room filled with essential oils and water (room deodorizer and cleanser).

-I have a diffuser in my entry and one in my kitchen.

-Everyone wants their home to smell clean and inviting!  Without smoke, and chemicals.


All of these products are made for just pennies!

The cost of the product is mostly the refillable container to place it in, a one-time expense. 

Re-using containers will eliminate waste in our landfills and environment!

Using homemade products will minimize the harmful toxins in your home.

Making your own products will save you time and money at the grocery store.  You can go back to just buying groceries, and not spend half of your shopping budget spent on non-food, toxic products.


Who wants to save time, money, and energy?  Everyone!

I estimate that I save $200-500 per month on unneccesary purchases and appointments!

Let’s get back to the basics!  Modern technology has over-complicated our lives and health.