I am dedicated to teaching my family, friends, and team members how to use essential oils. I enjoy researching how

to use oils for natural solutions to help with

simple to complex health trials. I am learning daily how to use EO's in new, innovative, and creative ways.  If you find a new way to use essential oils, please share with us, and we will do the same. Sharing is caring.  I do not SELL Essential Oils.  I SHARE our oils with those that desire to try a healthier alternative, with no side effects.  I believe  essential oils are "gifts of the earth."  I also believe  essential oils are gifts from God. He has shared them with us, to make our lives a bit easier. He gave them to me, and therefore I share them with everyone! Everything I am, and everything I have comes from Him.  I thank God daily for His Gift of (my) Life,

and His Gifts.



In 2008, I had a four year old experiencing extreme stomach upset. I vented to my friend Kareena my frustration. She brought us two essential oil samples; peppermint and lemon.  I was very skeptical that they would help, but I accepted her gift graciously. I was 

surprised that simply applying them directly to her stomach soother her stomach. Soon her upset stomach issues were a thing of the past!  It would take me only a couple more ah-ha moments to become a believer.  But my belief came quickly. 

I use Essential Oils for almost everything!  Cooking,  Cleaning, Therapeutic 

Purposes, Health and Beauty Products, and for Aroma- 

therapy.  They are so Versatile!  Essential Oils save me money!  They are very concentrated so a little goes a long way.  They are not an added expense to my budget, but an inexpensive and healthier substitution. I have replaced many harmful and expensive household items in my home with safe and homemade versions.  I have eliminated many sources of toxins in my home.  These homemade products make gifts also!  I give them as birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts. What is so great, is they are the gifts that keep on giving because they are refillable.  Just add a bow. See my recipes in the Services Tab at the top of all of my pages. I try to learn something new each day! Let me teach you.

          Essential Oils

I am a High School FACS (Family and Consumer Science) Teacher, and a Home Economist. I taught 

High School for twelve years, and eleven different subjects. I am currently working from home, and am able to hang out with my four year old (last child).  My favorite subjects to teach include Culinary Arts and Nutrition and Fitness.

In my classes, I taught my students how to cook with herbs and spices, which give amazing flavor (reducing the fat, sugar, salt, additives, and preservatives) and add therapeutic qualities.  Now I teach others to cook with herbs and spices in liquid form (essential oils) and how to take control of their 

health and wellness.  I am also a Zumba Instructor. I take citrus essential oils with me to my classes.  One to two drops in a water bottle is so refreshing.  It makes me want to drink more water.