Hand Cleansing Gel

1 (2 oz.) BPA free, oil-safe plastic bottle, Disc or Flip Top lid

Aloe Vera Gel

10 drops vitamin E oil

20 drops Protective Essential Oil Blend


Using a funnel, add the Aloe Vera gel to the bottle.  Leave room at the top to add drops of vitamin E oil and Protective Essential Oil Blend.  Add the two oils and shake well to combine!  Shake well before using.  Squeeze a dime size amount onto hands and rub together until dry!  
The Protective Blend will help to keep pathogens at bay on your hands, safely and effectively!  It does not remove dirt or other toxins.  

I keep unscented baby wipes in my car and purse to remove most of the dirt, toxins, and germs from our hands as a first step.  Then I use the hand cleanser as a second step.  This all natural hand cleanser could be ingested.  It is not harmful to the outside of your body, or to the inside of your body.  I do not suggest this, but you could ingest it, that is how safe it is!