​​​​                                        Repellent “Bug” Spray


1 empty 2 oz. glass or BPA free, oil-safe spray bottle

10-30 drops of (Bug) Repellent Oil Blend

Other Oils that repel bugs: Cedarwood, Arborvitae, Lemongrass, and Peppermint

¼ c. plus 1-2 tsp. distilled water

or Fractionated Coconut Oil or olive, or other oil


Add the 10-30 drops of  Repellent Blend to the (bottom) the spray bottle.

Add the distilled water or fractionated coconut oil (your choice) and fill the spray bottle up to the shoulder of the bottle (where the bottle starts to taper up to the neck).  Leave a small air space (header) at the top of the bottle for air circulation.  Shake well.  Shake before you spray, and during each application.  Rub or spread it evenly over the skin. You may need to reapply.

The water will provide a light coverage. The water will evaporate, leaving just the oil. The oil will provide a heavier or thicker coverage and provide possibly more of a bug barrier for the skin. Both will provide the necessary scent needed to repel bugs.  But for the biting insects, some experimentation may be needed to help you decide which (water or oil) works the best for you and your family. And you may need to experiment to see how many drops of the Terrashield Blend to add.  Everyone's skin is different, and some types are more appealing to bugs.

You can apply the Repellent Blend directly to the skin also.  It has a very strong scent and young children may not love the strong scent, and/or hold still long enough to apply it this way.  That is why the spray bottle is great for young children, and everyone – easy application.  It will not stain or discolor clothing!