“Owie” Spray


1 (2 oz.) glass or oil-safe plastic spray bottle


10 drops of  Lavender Essential Oil 

10 drops of Melaleuca Essential Oil 

10 drops of  Frankincense Essential Oil (optional)

1-2 drops of  Peppermint Essential Oil (optional)


¼ c. plus 1-2 tsp. distilled water (filled to the neck of bottle)

or  Fractionated Coconut Oil, olive, or other oil 


Add the Lavender Oil, Melaleuca Oil, and Frankincense (optional) and Peppermint Oil (optional) essential oils to the (bottom) of the spray bottle. The peppermint provides a soothing and tingling effect that may help take their mind off of the pain or “owie”.  


Add the distilled water or fractionated coconut oil (your choice) and fill the spray bottle up to the shoulder of the bottle (where the bottle starts to taper up toward the neck).  Leave a small air space (header) at the top of the bottle for air circulation.  Shake well, and shake before and during each application.  It will not stain or discolor clothing!


Water = light/diluted coverage because the water will evaporate. Oil = heavier/dilutedcoverage.  Both will promote healing and provide pain relief.